(5700018) Hose Clamp - All Stainless - 2" to 6" Adjustment

(5700018) Hose Clamp - All Stainless - 2" to 6" Adjustment

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Tycon Power Systems

All Stainless Heavy Duty Hose Clamp with 2" to 6" adjustment Range.

- All Stainless Steel for higher reliability
- Wide Adjustment Range 6" to 2"
- Worm Gear with 5/16" Slotted Drive
- Heavy Duty: 0.24" Thick Band, 9/16" Width
- Meets SAEJ1508 Specification

- Antenna Mounting - Enclosure Mounting
- Marine Applications - Farm Applications

The 5700018 worm gear drive hose clamps are a heavy duty hose clamp made entirely from stainless steel which provides for unsurpassed reliability and longevity in outdoor applications.
The wide adjustment range from 6" to less than 2" allow for one hose clamp to be used in a wide variety of applications. Installers and mechanics only need to stock one hose clamp and always have the correct hose clamp for the job at hand.

Materials- Stainless Steel Band: SUS304, Worm Gear: SUS302
Adjustment Range 2" to 6"
Worm Gear Drive 5/16" Slotted Hex Drive
Band Width 9/16" (0.56")
Band Thickness 0.024"
Max Recommended Torque 50 inlbs
Standards SAEJ1508
Weight 1.5oz


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