Aluminum Outdoor Enclosure 64x17x19" inside dimensions (ENC-AL-65x18x20)

Aluminum Outdoor Enclosure 64x17x19" inside dimensions (ENC-AL-65x18x20)

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Tycon Power Systems

Weatherproof Aluminum Ground Mount Enclosure. 65" x 18" x 20", hinged lid, locking closures with key, gasket, 2mm thick Aluminum, Checker Plate, 8 RJ45 Feedthru holes.

The ENC-AL-65x18x20 is a sturdy outdoor gasket sealed aluminum enclosure designed for battery and equipment storage. It is vented and has two locking latches for security. The enclosures are designed to be mounted on a level platform or slab. There are 8 x 20MM feedthru holes in the back panel to accomodate up to 8 cable glands (Qty 4 RJ45 cable glands and Qty 4 hole plugs are included). There is a security bracket on the back of the enclosure so it can be easily chained to a pole for security. The enclosure includes mounting features inside to mount DIN Rails or a metal or plywood plate for mounting of customer electronics. The bottom standoffs allow for easy maneuvering with a pallet jack or fork lift.

It meets NEMA 4X / IP65 weatherproofing standards.

Inside Dimensions are 64.5" Long x 17.5" wide x 19.5" tall.
Weight: 60lbs  Ships Fed Ex Ground


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