EZ5+ 5GHz 250mW 802.11a AP/Client, Bridge/Router Board

EZ5+ 5GHz 250mW 802.11a AP/Client, Bridge/Router Board

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The EZ5+V3 is a high power outdoor 250mW wireless AP/Client Bridge / Router radio board operating in the 5GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum. It features adjustable channel size of 5MHz to 40MHz to provide for increased channel capacity or increased thruput. It complies with the 802.11a OFDM standards to insure interoperability.

With its advanced software, the EZ5+V3 supports multiple operating modes, including; Client Bridge, Client Router, Access Point Router, Access Point + WDS and Point to Point.

***Installation instructions included

Please specify Side A (139, AP) or Side B (239, Client) when ordering.  You can specify by replying to the order confirmation email and stating which side you are replacing. If no note is included, board will be sent as Side B (.239, Client) by default.

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