Gigabit Hi Power POE Inserter/Splitter, Shielded

Gigabit Hi Power POE Inserter/Splitter, Shielded

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Part Number:POE-INJ-1000-DINx
• High Power Shielded Design (uses all 4 pairs)
• 10/100/1000Mb Compatible
• Locking Mini DIN Power DC Connector
• 9VDC to 80VDC Power Over Ethernet
• Use as Injector or Splitter
• Power On LED indicator

• Wireless
• Ubiquiti airFiber Antennas
• Security
• HD PTZ Cameras

The POE-INJ-1000-DINx is a shielded passive power over Ethernet inserter/splitter that is compatible with data speeds up to one gigabit. The DC connector is a locking mini DIN type power connector. The RJ45 connectors are shielded to ensure continuous shielding from power source to destination device. Power is supplied on all 8 Ethernet pins 3,6,4,5(+) and 1,2,7,8(-).

The Pinout of the DIN Connector is as follows: (-, -, +, +)

(Note: Mating 4P Mini Power DIN Connector CUI Inc. Model:PDP-40)

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