(TP-SC24-20) *NEW* 12/24V 20A PWM Battery Charging Controller

(TP-SC24-20) *NEW* 12/24V 20A PWM Battery Charging Controller

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  • 3 Stage PWM Temperature Compensated Charging
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • LCD Displays Battery Voltage, Temp, Load Current and Solar Current.
  • Autoranging 12V or 24V Battery Arrays


Tycon Systems *NEW* TP-SC24-20 solar controllers are 3 stage PWM type temperature compensated battery charging controllers. The controllers are auto-ranging to accommodate 12V and 24V battery systems. They are designed to charge AGM or GEL type sealed lead acid batteries. They have an integral LCD display that shows battery voltage, temperature, load current and solar current. They have multiple load operating modes which can be set through the “key” button on the controller.

The load output has a soft start feature so it can smoothly and reliably power up high capacitance loads up to 20A. There is a convenient On/Off button to disconnect load power when the unit is operated in the default mode (15).

They have full electronic protections for short circuit, reverse current, overvoltage, overcharge, over-discharge and over-temperature. The built-in over-discharge protection and low self consumption ensures the battery is not overdischarged, which greatly increases the life of the batteries. All protections are auto-recovery.

The units are protected against lightning strikes with TVS diode protection. They operate over a wide industrial temperature range. Electronics are conformal coated for environmental protection.

An automatic battery equalization charge automatically engages once every 30days. The equalization charge helps to balance the batteries in an array and reduce the possibility of battery sulfation. The equalization charge is limited to 1- hour duration to preserve battery life.

A special feature is the 5V 1A USB charging port, so a technician can charge his phone or tablet while on site.

Connections are via 6 screw terminals for wire size up to 10AWG. There are four screw holes(3.5mm) for mounting. The controllers are internally fused for protection, but we recommend always using an external 20A fuse between the controller and the battery. There are four screw holes(3.5mm) for mounting.

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