(TP-VR-2405-USB)  USB Thingy, 10-32VDC In, 5VDC@1A USB Out

(TP-VR-2405-USB) USB Thingy, 10-32VDC In, 5VDC@1A USB Out

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Tycon Power Systems

The TP-VR-2405-USB USB Thingy™ is a USB power adapter that provides 1A of USB power from a 10-32VDC input. It is perfect for providing a high power USB port in all kinds of situations from vehicles to stationary remote power systems. The USB port is becoming a standard battery charging port for all kinds of electronic devices including cell phones, smartphones and tablets. The USB Thingy™ can be connected directly to a 12V solar panel for charging USB powered devices directly from the sun. 5W Voltage Regulator

10-32VDC Input
5VDC @ 1A USB Power Output

Flying Leads: 1m (39"), 18AWG

-40 to +65C Operation


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