18-36V In,24V70W GigE 4pair Pasv PoE,Rev
18-36V In,24V70W GigE 4pair Pasv PoE,Rev

18-36V In,24V70W GigE 4pair Pasv PoE,Rev

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Part Number:TP-DCDC-2424GR-VHP
  • • 24V 70W 4pair Gigabit Passive PoE Inserter
  • • 18-36VDC Wire Terminal Input
  • • PoE Pinout: 1,2,4,5V+ ; 3,6,7,8V-
  • • Shielded and Surge Protected, Isolated Input and out
  • • Industrial Strength
  • Extended Temperature Range -40C to 70C
• Input Voltage 24VDC (18-36VDC)
• 8 wire 24VDC Passive PoE Output
• High Power Output to 70W
• Dual DC Inputs for Connecting 2 Power Sources
• Gigabit Data Thruput
• Low self consumption power (<2W)
• Short Circuit, Over Current and Reverse/Over Voltage Protection
• Industrial Temperature Range
• I.T.E. Power Supply, UL Listed

• 24VDC Remote Power Systems
• Ubiquiti airFiber x Radios

The Gigabit compatible TP-DCDC-2424GR-VHP is a special very high power DC to DC converter / PoE inserter designed especially for Ubiquiti airFiber x wireless radio systems and other systems which require high power passive PoE (High PoE). The unique PoE inserter supplies 24VDC PoE power on all 8 Ethernet wires (4 pair) with the following pinout: 1,2,4,5 V+ and 3,6,7,8 V

They have two common (-) and two (+) for connecting 2 power sources, such as a primary with a backup power source. They have various protections for surge, short circuit and overload. The input and output are isolated.

The units are DIN rail mountable with available adapters: Model DIN-ClipKit-Uni

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