36-72V In, 56V70W GigE 4pair 802.3at PoE
36-72V In, 56V70W GigE 4pair 802.3at PoE

36-72V In, 56V70W GigE 4pair 802.3at PoE

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Part Number:TP-DCDC-4856GD-VHP
  • • 56V 70W Gigabit 4pair Dual 802.3at PoE Inserter
  • • +/- 36-72VDC Wire Terminal Input
  • • PoE Pinout: 3,4,5,6V+ ; 1,2,7,8V-
  • • Shielded and Surge Protected, Isolated Input and out
  • • Industrial Strength, Cisco UPOE Compliant
  • Extended Temperature Range -30C to 60C
• Input Voltage 48VDC (Range 36-72VDC)
• 2 Channel 802.3at 56VDC PoE Output
• High Power to 70W (35W per PoE Channel)
• Dual DC Inputs for connecting 2 power sources
• Gigabit Data Thruput
• Low self-consumption power (<2W)
• Short Circuit, Over Current and Reverse/Over Voltage Protection
• High-Temperature Operation
• I.T.E. Power Supply, UL Listed

• 24VDC and 48VDC or -48VDC Remote Power Systems
• PTZ Surveillance Cameras
• 802.3at High Power Applications.

The TP-DCDC-4856GD-VHP is a special very high power DC to DC converter / POE inserter designed and qualified for use with Axis Q60 Series outdoor PTZ security cameras. The DCDC converter supplies 35W per POE channel. One POE channel is using pins 4,5,7,8 and the other POE channel utilizes pins 1,2,3,6. By directing the power onto separate POE channels, the device can achieve 70W total supplied power to the end device. The TP-DCDC-4856GD-VHP has separate LED indicators for indicating which 802.3af/at channel is being used by the client. The RIGHT LED indicates POE Channel 1 and the LEFT LED indicates POE Channel 2.

The TP-DCDC-4856GD-VHP has been qualified by Axis to be used with their Q60 series of PTZ cameras. The unit can be used with any 802.3af/at device as it will supply 35W to any 802.3af/at POE channel detected. If two channels are detected on the client then 70W power will be supplied.

They have two common (-) and two (+) for connecting 2 power sources, such as a primary with a backup power source. They have various protections for surge, short circuit and overload. The input and output are isolated.

This product is compatible with Cisco's UPOE standards.

Dimensions: 125 x 75 x 38mm (4.9 x 3 x 1.5in)
Weight: 255g (9oz)

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