Battery, Non-Spillable, 12V 9AH AGM,SLA
Battery, Non-Spillable, 12V 9AH AGM,SLA

Battery, Non-Spillable, 12V 9AH AGM,SLA

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Part Number:TPBAT12-9
  • • 12V 9Ah Non-Spillable Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery With F2 (.25") Spade Connectors
  • • Maintenance Free, -40 to +60C Operating Temp
  • • Good Deep Discharge Performance
  • • 5 Years Typical Life
  • • Safety Valve for Ultimate Safety - Prevents Overpressure
• Sealed and Maintenance Free
• Safety Valve for Ultimate Safety; Prevents Overpressure
• Good Deep Discharge Recovery Performance
• Low Self Discharge Characteristics
• Highly Resistant to Vibration and Shock

• Remote Equipment Power
• Surveillance Cameras
• Wireless Base Stations
• Medical Equipment
• Remote Sensors
• Backup Power Systems

The TPBAT12-9 high rate valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRLA) batteries have been developed for long term operation in harsh environments. The small battery uses absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology which provides for unsurpassed reliability over wide temperature ranges. The batteries can be installed in any position without affecting their performance or reliability. The combination of advanced electrode and electrolyte formulations provide higher power output than normal batteries of the same physical size. The TPBAT12-9 has F2 type .25” spade connectors.

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