EZ-Bridge Ultra2, 802.11gn, 100Mb,8miles
EZ-Bridge Ultra2, 802.11gn, 100Mb,8miles

EZ-Bridge Ultra2, 802.11gn, 100Mb,8miles

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  • • EZ-Bridge Ultra2LR 100MB Long Range 8Miles 2.4GHz Secure Point to Point Bridge Pair, Includes 75' outdoor Rated Shielded CAT5 Cables and 24V Passive PoE Inserters
  • • Plug and Play Simplicity, Just Point and Power Up via 24V Passive PoE (PoE Injectors incl)
  • • Layer 2 Transparency, Supports VOIP, VPN, Multiple MAC Addresses and DHCP Across the Wireless Link
  • • Only 6W Average Power Consumption, Great for Solar Powered Systems
  • • Conforms to Wireless Standards 802.11bgn, Wall or Pole(1-2.25") Mounting Brackets Included
  • EZ-Bridge Firmware
  • Extended Temperature Range -30C to 75C
The EZ-Bridge Ultra2-LR is a long range high capacity 100Mbps+ and high power 250mW outdoor wireless bridge system operating in the 2.4GHz unlicensed spectrum. The complete system allows for ultra high bandwidth connections between 2 buildings up to 8 miles apart with good line of sight.

The EZ-Bridge Ultra2-LR creates a transparent bridge between 2 sides and passes all network traffic including VPN and DHCP.

The system supports 802.11n TDMA and 802.11g OFDM for backward compatibility. The advanced MIMO antenna system offers 18dBi of gain in a compact and visually pleasing package. The antenna also offers great front to back performance which helps reduce interference. A snap-on radome is included to protect the antenna from snow, ice, hail and crazy birds who sometimes like to nest in antennas.

With its password verification, MAC address authentication, SSID suppression and advanced WPA encryption, the system provides the best available wireless data security.

Plug and play features have been built into the system. Install the antennas and plug in the power supplies, the units will automatically find their peer and create a secure wireless network link. There are no drivers or software that needs to be loaded to the computer.

The antenna can be installed with Vertical or Horizontal Polarization. The corrosion resistant bracket system allows mounting to a pole with up to 2.25" diameter or wall mounting using the included wall mount brackets. The bracket provides +/- 20 degrees vertical tilt and unlimited horizontal adjustment. The system comes with 24V PoE (Power Over Ethernet) power inserters and 2 rolls of shielded and outdoor rated 75' long CAT5 cable assemblies.

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