Returns/RMA Policy

Manufacturer’s Return Material Authorization (RMA) &

Restocking Fee Policy


1. Product Returns, Repairs, Replacements, Credits, and/or Refunds
Tycon Systems Inc. products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period beginning on the date of original purchase and extending for a period of at least 1 year, which is specified in the individual product specification sheets. The conditions of this limited warranty and the extent of the responsibility of Tycon Systems Inc. under this limited warranty are as follows:

2. Tycon Warranty does not apply to:

Products that are disassembled, defaced, altered, subjected to abuse, neglect, or accident, exposed to faulty power, lightning strikes, water damage, serial numbers altered or removed, or that has been connected, installed, adjusted, or repaired other than in accordance with instructions furnished by Tycon Systems.

3. Tycon Systems RMA process:

This is provided in order to track any returns in the Tycon Systems main warehouse. Certain requirements are necessary for the RMA process to proceed:

a. The Customer shall send an email to [email protected] to request an RMA number in order to make sure their return is handled properly. The request must have:

i. Serial Number

ii. Date Purchased or;

iii. Purchase Order number and type of RMA – e.g. warranty, refund, credit, restocking

b. On returns for repair or replacement - the process is the same.

c. When customer (end-user) purchases product from authorized Distributor/Reseller - name must be included.

d. The customer must request an RMA first and receive an RMA number, then ship the product back to Tycon Systems within 30 days of issuance of the RMA number or the RMA becomes void.

e. The Customer shall pay the shipping for any returning product to the Tycon Systems main warehouse.

f. The Customer shall include the RMA authorization number on the outside of the shipped package, so it can be read easily.

g. Tycon Systems will respond to the customer within 2 days of receipt of their returned product to verify details and status.

h. Where the customer has purchased product through a Distributor or Reseller, the customer should contact Tyconsystems directly by email at [email protected]to request an RMA number in order to make sure their return is handled properly. Distributors/Resellers should alert their customers to this policy for returns.

4. Product Restocking Fees From time to time customers may desire to return product to the manufacturer and seek credit for such. The customer must follow the aforementioned procedures when requesting such action. a. Once the customer’s product has arrived at the Tycon Systems warehouse, it is checked to ensure that the correct return procedures have been followed.

b. Tycon Systems will then check the product received for various conditions such as; opened/unopened product packages/containers, damage, warranty eligibility, etc. to determine the correct restocking fees applicable. These can range from 0% - 35% of product price or be ineligible if return falls under No. 2 above.

c. Tycon Systems will then access the product to determine if a credit or refund is due, and if any restocking fee is chargeable against the product.

d. The restocking fee is accessed and determined by Tycon Systems for various conditions such as damaged product, opened product, used product, age, etc.

e. Tycon Systems Customers that are Resellers/Distributors are eligible for account credit only. 4.12e 


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