Solar Mt, 2x 350W Panels, Top of Pole
Solar Mt, 2x 350W Panels, Top of Pole

Solar Mt, 2x 350W Panels, Top of Pole

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• All components required to mount 2x 60-72 cell modules, nominally 230 through 360 watt modules
• Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Anodized Aluminum construction
• Includes integrated equipment ground solution
• Tilts ranging from 10 to 65 degrees
• 45 inches clearance to front of array for snow shedding
• Includes flanged vertical post and concrete anchors
• Ships in single crate

• 720W remote power generation
• Oil and gas monitoring stations
• Security monitoring
• Wireless stations
• Remote Cabins
• Grid connected power supplement

Tycon Solar’s versatile Pole Top solution is designed to satisfy the most common small-medium solar power needs, particularly in the wireless and security infrastructure markets.

The mount assembles easily and can be used to construct 720Wp (2 x 360Wp modules) stations, whether used to connect directly to a grid with grid tied inverter(s) to offset power usage, or charge a battery bank for remote applications. With modules commonly available up to 360W+, even greater power production can be achieved in a single installation.

Made with heavy galvanized steel, anodized aluminum rails and stainless-steel hardware, the structure is designed for many years of durability in harsh environments. With the array centrally balanced on the pole top, manual seasonal tilt or orientation adjustments can be made easily by one person.

The 2 panel pole top mount is expandable to 4 panels and 6 panels using available Tycon® adapter kits as your needs grow. See below for adapter kit part numbers. When comparing pole mounts be sure to remember that the Tycon Pole Top includes the mounting pole and anchors in the price of the system.

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